MS Crafts  FAQ'S


Q.  Is this site secure?

A.  No financial transactions are made within this web site. When you like a buckle, Email me and I will get the buckle made and send you a Venmo, Chime or PayPal payment request, whichever you are comfortable working with.

Q. Does MS Crafts accept any payment other than Venmo or Chime?

A. MS Crafts uses Venmo, Chime and PayPal because it's a secure and FREE for you. When you purchase through Venmo, Chime or PayPal the transaction cost the buyer nothing. MS Crafts pays that bill.

Inside the continental USA MS Crafts can accept Postal Money Orders, Bank Cashiers Checks and Western Union

Email me for details on these transactions   Email

 Q. Does MS Crafts ship International

A. MS Crafts can ship overseas to certain countries, Buyer pays all shipping cost on orders outside the USA - Email for details.

 Q. What's the best way to keep the brass looking shiny and new?

A. MS Crafts has tried a variety of products and has found Brasso to work the best. 

 Q. Why Stainless Steel?

 A. Stainless Steel makes an excellent belt buckle because of the unique properties of Stainless Steel itself. Chromium (Cr) and Nickel (Ni) are added to Stainless Steel to give it corrosion and oxidation resistance. It is these additives that make a Stainless Steel belt buckle very durable and able to produce the bright, lustrous finish that Stainless Steel is known for. Stainless Steel is a hard, tough material, very scratch resistant and can be rebuffed to look like new. Try that with some belt buckles and you'll be buying a new one because buffing produces a lot of heat and most belt buckle material just can't take that. If your looking for a buckle that will last a lifetime, Stainless Steel is the way to go


 Q. What equipment do you use to make a buckle?


 A. Just follow the link to check out the shop.      Click Here


 Q.  Who actually makes these belt buckles?


 A. Yours truly. I first seen this style belt buckle in the middle 70's when I started as a pipefitter/welder out of old UA Local 414, Marquette Mi. I've always thought they were unique and decided to build a shop and offer them to you. I am retired now and have over 40 years working with Stainless Steel and other metals and have held various pipe welding certification in Stick, Mig and Tig.


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